CPHI October 24-26 Barcelona: IBSA presents cutting-edge technologies to drive pharmaceutical innovation.

As a global pharmaceutical company, IBSA is driven by a distinct vision of care, which starts at the Swiss headquarters and extends globally through continued growth in Europe, Asia, and North America. IBSA’s technologies are aimed at creating more advanced treatment systems to provide healthcare professionals with innovative, effective and reliable therapeutic solutions that improve patients’ quality of life. The product portfolio spans ten distinct therapeutic areas, encompassing various therapeutic categories, including prescription drugs, OTC medicines, medical devices and food supplements.   At the CPHI BARCELONA exhibition, IBSA will present the technologies that distinguish its therapeutic solutions for advanced care: 

  • Orodispersible Film technology (ODF), the small, thin and flexible sheets enable precise, accurate and fast dosing, allowing better absorption of active and functional ingredients.
  • Pre-filled syringe technology is the best solution in the field of intradermal and intra-articular injections. Its use allows precise dosing without product waste or contamination. Prefilled syringes are also used in the intravesical field by making use of a special adapter designed by IBSA laboratories (IALUADAPTER®️) that allows the injection of specific solutions without the use of a catheter.
  • Softgel capsules technology allows a liquid solution to be taken in solid form, which is particularly useful when dealing with formulations at very low concentrations to ensure uniformity of dosing.
    Advantages include better oral bioavailability than other solid forms, an excellent dissolution profile and ease of oral administration.
  • Medical patches, for transdermal and topical use, are produced with Hydrogel and Drug-in-adhesive technologies. They allow better skin tolerability, a reduction in dressing changes by keeping the concentration of the medicine inside them longer.
  • Bag on Valve (BoV) packaging technology is an unconventional packaging system that allows the product, whether solid or liquid, to be placed inside a protective bag, consisting of a laminated and heat-sealed pouch made of multiple materials (aluminum and plastic). The gas is not mixed with the product, but is pressurized in the space between the bag containing the product and the can containing the bag.

IBSA will present these cutting-edge technologies with the goal of offering partnership opportunities to external business entities.The company initiates new collaborative projects to excel in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applied technologies and improve people’s lives, together.

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