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This is the official website of IBSA fully dedicated to Business Development, Licensing activities and CDMO projects.
The Business Development Dept. is constantly looking for partners and international distributors for licensing agreements in countries where IBSA does not operate directly with its branches. IBSA is focused on strategic collaborations to achieve a common goal while sharing responsibilities, resources, risks and rewards. Close ties with local distributors are crucial for IBSA to grow at an international level. The Business Development Dept. also evaluates licensing-in opportunities for the expansion of product portfolio.
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IBSA’s Orodispersible film products
Find out more about our innovative dosing method for the oral administration of active substances.
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Dermatology diseases
Find out more about our wide range of products for skincare
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Technologies & products for the wellbeing of men and women
Find out more about IBSA's help for the diseases of the male/female urological systems.
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Technologies & products for the wellbeing of women
Find out more about IBSA's help for the diseases of the female urogenital system.
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Innovative technology and effective responses at the service of men and women
Find out more about IBSA's products specifically formulated for the improvement of sperm parameters in infertile men and for the health of mother and child.
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Technologies & products for the wellbeing of women
Urological wellbeing of men and women
Ibsa’s Orodispersible film products
Male fertility and pregnancy
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IBSA Sustainability Report
Orodispersible film technologies
Soft Gel
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Shaping the future of human possibilities
We are a multinational pharmaceutical company with a specific vision of care that we project from our headquarters in Switzerland to the rest of the world, through a process of on-going expansion in Europe, Asia and North America.


IBSA at CPHI Japan: increase brand awareness and expand presence in the Asian countries
24 MAY 2023 From the 19th to the 21st of April 2023, the CPHI Japan fair was held in Tokyo. An ideal business event for international pharmaceutical professionals to grow their business in the rapidly changing Asian market. IBSA took part in the fair, thus having the opportunity to present its innovations in the pharmaceutical field, presenting new products and
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CPHI April 19-21 TOKYO: IBSA returns to Japan after the pandemic.
IBSA operates in more than 90 countries and 5 continents with 17 subsidiaries in Europe, China and the USA, and employs over 2,000 collaborators distributed among our headquarters, subsidiaries and manufacturing plants. The Group boasts an extensive product portfolio that includes different therapeutic categories, such as prescription drugs, OTC medicines, medical devices and food supplements, and covers 10 therapeutic areas.
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IBSA was established in Lugano in 1945 and started developing its special identity in 1985 when it was acquired by the current ownership, which adopted a new strategy focused on the acquisition of technological resources and launched a development programme aimed at consolidating its global expansion and developing company assets. Today IBSA is present in over 90 countries in 5
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