Device for intravesical Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) Infusion

The product consists in crystal clear pre-filled device syringes and a novel patented medical device that makes it possible to inject a glycosaminoglycan solution into the bladder using a minimally-invasive procedure without requiring catheterisation.

IALUADAPTER® can be an alternative to the use of standard male and female catheters and its main advantage is that it eliminates the pain associated with the catheterisation procedure. As, using IALUADAPTER®, the solution passes straight into the bladder through the urethra, it simultaneously treats both the urethral and the vesical mucosae. IALUADAPTER® is designed to fit snugly against the opening of the urethra, to allow the fluid to flow into the bladder without leakage of the solution.

The devise consists on four main parts:

  1. The terminal part that fits perfectly onto the pre-filled syringe.
  2. The central grooved part that allows the user to grip IALUADAPTER® firmly when fitting it onto the syringe.
  3. The concave insulating collar is made of elastic material that adjusts to fit the surface surrounding the orifice and facilitates delivery without solution leakage.
  4. The short blunt tip, the only part of the device that penetrates into the opening of the urethra.

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